Junior Club Grading

All Judoka will be required to demonstrate all techniques up to the grade that they are going for and also answer Random Terminology Question’s For All Grades


Less than eight years of age will be awarded up to five red strips


6th Kyu to 5th Kyu (White to Yellow Belt)

Kuzushi—————————Breaking the Balance


O Goshi—————————-Major Hip Throw——————–See drawing

O Soto Gari————————Major Outer Reap——————-See drawing

Ippon Seoi Nage——————One Arm Shoulder Throw———-See drawing

Morote Seoi Nage—————–Two Arm Shoulder Throw———See drawing

O Uchi Gari————————Major Inner Reap——————-See drawing

Tai Otoshi————————–Body Drop—————————See drawing

Kessa Gatame———————-Scarf Hold—————————See drawing

Kata Gatame————————Shoulder Hold———————-See drawing

Yoko Shiho Gatame—————-Side Four Quarters—————–See drawing 

Kami Shiho Gatame—————-Upper Four Quarters————–See drawing

Basic Avoidance/Escapes From Holds



5th Kyu to 4th Kyu

Uki Goshi_________________Floating Hip Throw____________See drawing

Ko Uchi Gari_______________Minor Inner Reap____________See drawing

De Ashi Barai______________Advancing Foot Sweep____________See drawing

Harai Goshi________________Sweeping Loin____________See drawing

Kuzure Kesa Gatame_________Broken Scarf Hold____________See drawing

Tate Shiho Gatame__________Lateral Four Quarters____________See drawing

Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame____Broken Upper Four Quarters____________See drawing

Avoidance/Escapes From Holds


4th Kyu to Three Green Strips (Area Grading Level)

Hane Goshi___________________Spring Hip____________See drawing

Okuri Ashi-Barai_______________Double Foot Sweep____________See drawing

Seoi Otoshi___________________Drop Knee Shoulder Throw____________See drawing

Tani Otoshi___________________Valley Drop____________See drawing

Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame________Broken Side Four Quarters____________See drawing

Ushiro Kesa Gatame_____________Reverse Scarf Hold____________See drawing

Mune Gatame_________________Chest Hold____________See drawing

Basic Avoidance/Escapes from Holds